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How to Import Data in Sage Accounts

27 March 2013 by Crystal HR & Payroll Ltd

We have prepared a little Sage Training Lesson for anyone who wishes to know to to import data in Sage Accounts. It’s easy to follow and you can get started right away.

Exporting data from one package to another often entails manually re-keying data which has already been entered onto another system. But if you know how to import data in Sage Accounts, importing data from one system to another by hand can be a thing of the past. In all Sage packages including Sage Accounts Production, Sage Taxation, Sage 50 Accounts or Sage Accounts Production Advanced, importing your data from one system to another is a fairly simple task.

To import your data into Sage Accounts use the steps below as a guide:

  1. Access Sage Accounts
  2. Click Tools > Help> About> Program Directory >Click on link
  3. Go to Import Templates folder
  4. Double Click Audit Trail Transaction FULL Template
  5. When you have entered and formatted the data as per the spreadsheet and saved
  6. Click into File, Import, (Backup your data).
  7. Select Audit Trail Transactions
  8. Browse to the file location
  9. Ensure the Imported Fields match
  10. Click next and import
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