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Looking to outsource your HR, Payroll or Health & Safety Requirements?

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Payroll Service

Salaried staff, shift working, variable hours, temporary staff, zero hours, additional payments, sign off processes it’s all covered as part of our payroll service

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Free HR Health Check

At Crystal HR & Payroll we are able to offer a full HR solution for small, medium and large businesses.

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Find Your Expert HR and Payroll services in Newcastle

Regardless of the size of your business, our dedicated team of experts in Newcastle can guide you towards a successful HR process implementation in your company. With us, you can opt for either single services that include payroll or human resources, or alternatively, you can go for the full package. Either way, you benefit from tailored services shaped after your own business needs.

As a trusted HR & Payroll company in Newcastle, our processes run smoothly, ensuring that your employees are paid accurately and on time. We know how important it is to have legally-compliant contracts for your employees, an updated Employee Handbook and a helpful Health and Safety support service that is available whenever you need.

With Crystal HR & Payroll, you will benefit from working with a dedicated point of contact that is going to be there for you whenever you need. We understand that maintaining a personal service is what matters the most and this is why we offer personalised solutions to our clients. Whether it is expert HR consultancy or outsourced payroll services, you can count on us.


Trusted HR and Payroll Services in Birmingham

If you want to strengthen your internal resources and focus on growing your business, outsourcing your payroll needs is an important step. With us, you will have more time to do that, while we manage your payroll, employee records and everything else that is slowing you down. Start seizing the right opportunities and drive your business towards success.

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Why Outsource Your HR & Payroll?

As a business, your top priority is to focus on the growth of your company. Forget about dealing with the hassle of payroll systems and your company’s books. Opting for an outsourced payroll service means you save time and get to allocate it to what really matters the most to you. When you decide to choose Crystal HR and Payroll, you get a fully personalised service that fits the requirements of your business.  Recognised as a trusted payroll service company in Birmingham, we have worked with various clients across different industries in the UK. What sets us apart from the other providers is that we go the extra mile for you to ensure that you get the highest quality with our tailored services. So let our experts take care of everything for you!

Why choose us?


  • With an expert team at your side, you can forget about payment delays or issues. We ensure that your employees are being paid on time and accurately. Attention to detail and high quality are embedded in our ethos which ensures our processes run smoothly.
  • Once you are appointed your expert team, you can maintain a fast communication flow in case you require any support from us. You can also count on our security measures, as all of our systems are fully encrypted and protected. 
  • Staying on top of all the legislation changes is something that you won’t have to deal with. Our staff undertakes professional development on a regular basis and act fast on implementing the latest regulations.
  • We are not just a simple payroll service – we value seamless integration by taking all of your payroll elements into account and combining them into a single unit that works. 

Get in touch with our Birmingham based team today to discuss how you can benefit from outsourcing your HR and payroll services. Opting for an expert HR and payroll service is not as expensive as you might think! We have cost-effective solutions for you and your employees. 

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