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Employment Contracts and Handbooks

Create legally binding employment contracts and Employee Handbooks quickly and easily
What was once an expensive and time-consuming process (often involving a third-party service provider) can now be done on your PC, laptop or tablet, in the office, at home, on the train, anywhere you like
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Our easiest solution to creating employment contracts is here

Add unlimited employees and contracts. Import from CSV or sync with BrightPay Payroll Software.

Customise contracts by selecting or inputting employee details. Accommodates all worker types, with clear on-screen explanations and help for each choice and detail.

Easily add your own personalised text to any employment contract, using a comprehensive library of sample content, designed to cater to every type of employment.

Customise the look of your contracts with ease, altering styles, fonts, page size, and margins while having the option to include your company logo for a professional look.

Preview your contracts as they are being built with the flexibility to print or export to PDF whenever you’re ready.

Enhance your documents by seamlessly incorporating smart-text into both headers and footers of your contracts, ensuring informational consistency.

Accurately document and securely store the date of each contract’s signature, ensuring a transparent audit record.

Minimise your administrative effort by easily copying settings, maintaining consistency across all of your existing contracts.

Simplify Your Contract and Employee Handbook Processes – Book a Quick Demo Today
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Easy Handbook Creation

Get started quickly! Use the ready-to-go handbook that meets all the latest employment law rules. Add extra sections as you need with one click and be up and running in minutes.

Start easily with a ready-made handbook template, adding and adjusting content as needed, and even include your company logo on a cover page. 

Customise fonts, colors, and more, while being able to preview it on-screen anytime. Once ready, it can be printed, converted to PDF, or uploaded to your employee's self-service app, complete with a customised signature page

Bright Contracts
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Think of it as having your own personal HR Consultant

No HR or employment law experience? No problem! Bright Contracts is made for everyone to use easily, helping you manage your employer responsibilities quickly and freeing up time for your business.

Bright Contracts’ handbook and contract content are crafted by Chartered CIPD, expert HR, and Employment Law specialists. On-screen help guides you through unfamiliar options, while automatic, non-invasive updates keep your materials current with employment law. Your customisations stay intact with notifications for new content suggestions, and updates only apply to new contracts, preserving your existing employee agreements
Crystal HR & Payroll

Bright Contracts software

Take a look around Bright Contracts software with this short video to see for yourself how easy it is to create and manage employment contracts and handbooks
Easy to Use
Automatic Legislation Updates
Ensures Legal Compliance
Protects User Edits
Personalised Content
Easily Preview and Share With Employees

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