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Payroll outsourcing

Salaried staff, shift working, variable hours, temporary staff, zero hours, additional payments, sign off processes it’s all covered as part of our payroll outsourcing service

Going for an outsourced payroll service allows you to run your payroll, with various payment rates and working patterns, for a mixture of salaried, full time, part time and zero hours’ contracts and our Auto-enrolment service, covers the whole process from start to finish.

Outsourced Payroll solutions to suit your business

Process your payroll, accurately and on time Bespoke Reports, providing accurate information

Workplace Pensions calculated accurately and sent to your pension provider

Manage your payroll with a simple, cost-effective service

You can also benefit from the branding of your payslips and reports

Key Benefits of Our Payroll Outsourcing Services

Free up the time you spend on payroll tasks

Manage your payroll costs

A Payroll Specialist assigned to work with you

Auto Enrolment as an end to end service

Good communication

Peace of mind your payroll is looked after

Are Outsourced Payroll Services Right For Me?


Regardless of what industry you are from, you can opt for an outsource service provider to manage your payroll effectively for you. You could consider one if:


  • You don’t have enough internal HR staff within your company
  • You need to have your current HR and accounting staff support other parts of your business
  • You don’t have time to stay updated with the latest regulations
  • You want to avoid any complexities created by payroll and have an expert manage it for you

payroll outsourcing

What To Expect From Our Payroll Services?


A dedicated Payroll Technician available anytime you want

They will be assigned to work with you and to ensure you will get a fully tailored service that works for you. We manage all of the administration for you, dealing with opt-ins and opt-outs, transfers between schemes and each payroll, pensions report, detailing amounts to be paid to your pensions providers.


A Trusted Payroll Provider

Each and every payroll is reconciled before it is returned to you, which is why you can be confident that your payroll will be right, each time. Your employees can benefit from our online payroll services by accessing a portal to receive and view their payslips, or you can even choose to have employee payslips posted. 


Full Employee Documentation & Support

We will issue all the required employee documentation such as P45, P60, SMP1, salary letters, and other reports. 

If you don’t want to make the payments for wages and salaries yourself, we provide several options, from BACS to bank files or we can provide you with a client bank account, enabling you to make one single payment for salaries, PAYE and National Insurance and we’ll make the payments for you.


Help with Pension Scheme

If you operate a pension scheme, we are able to streamline your pension process and deliver an end to end service, from assessing your staff each payroll, communicating with your employees and sending pension data direct to your pension provider. 

Supporting Businesses Of All Sizes With Crystal HR & Payroll Solutions


When you choose us, you have now got a team of HR experts that will support your business needs in a way that allows you to save more time and money while you focus on your own tasks. We understand that everyone has different payroll needs and requirements and this is why we work with you to develop highly tailored payroll solutions to your business.


Our outsourced payroll service is designed to be quick, easy, cost-effective and built around you.

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