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Do you pay HM Revenue & Customs at a Bank or Post Office ?

23 September 2014 by Crystal HR & Payroll Ltd

When you pay HMRC do you use a payslip and make your payment at a bank or Post Office counter? If so it is very important that you only use the official payslip issued by HMRC.

Official HMRC payslips are those from the P30BC Payment Booklet, the bottom section of other HMRC forms, and some single payslips with attached counterfoil that are also issued by HMRC.

Please do not photocopy payslips or print one yourself, even those from payroll software because they may contain wrong information which could misdirect your payment!

HMRC Payment Booklet

HMRC Payment Booklet

Some payments have not reached HMRC but have ended up in a bank’s suspense account due to incorrect bank account information on a payslip printed by payroll software.

It is not only incorrect details on the payslip that cause problems. The paper the payslip is printed on, the ink used or the fonts may not be compatible to use with our systems; the position of the codeline and other important information may be slightly out, all of which have the potential to delay your payment.

A payment delayed because an unofficial payslip has been used could mean your payment is received after the due date which could cost you money, so please only use official HMRC payslips or use a different payment method.

If you do not have a payslip there are alternative payment methods which are quicker and more secure. Alternatively if you are paying by post and you don’t have a printed payslip from HMRC you can complete and print off a PAYE payment slip instead to post with your cheque to HMRC.

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