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What Are the 3 Most Commonly Searched Questions for Auto-Enrolment?

3 October 2016 by Crystal HR & Payroll Ltd

What Are the 3 Most Commonly Searched Questions for Auto-Enrolment?

As a payroll company, we are familiar with Auto Enrolment, but a lot of potential new clients still don’t seem to be aware of exactly what they need to do or where to find information to help them.

With this in mind, we are happy to provide answers to the 3 most common questions we get asked:

  • How do I find my staging date?

The Pension Regulator have a dedicated page to help you find your staging date. Visit The Pensions Regulator website, enter your PAYE number and you can find your staging date.

  • How long do I have to complete my declaration of compliance?

You have 5 months to complete your declaration of compliance, although it is recommended that you complete this as soon as possible after your staging date. Please download the declaration of compliance checklist to help you with this.

  • What are my pension contributions?

You may need to think about your one-off costs to set up automatic enrolment, as well as your ongoing cost of paying money into a pension scheme and managing the process. The different processes to consider are:

Set up costs
Time taken
Advice costs
Payroll set up
Outsourced payroll
In-House Payroll
Pension scheme set up
Ongoing costs
Making contributions

At Crystal Payroll, we can help with all of these tasks if you don’t have the time or just want to outsource it.

Please use the contact us form or call us on 0121 569 2720 and we’ll be pleased to discuss this further with you.

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