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What are the six steps to Auto-Enrolment?

8 May 2016 by Crystal HR & Payroll Ltd

So what are the six steps to Auto-Enrolment?


1. Find out your staging date

The date you need to comply with your automatic enrolment duties is called your ‘staging date’. The Pensions Regulator will write to you telling you what your staging date is. Or you can find out yourself on their website – all you need is your company’s PAYE reference.

Find my company staging date

2. Check your payroll software is up to speed

Most payroll software is compatible with automatic enrolment and will work out who you need to put into a pension scheme for you. In some cases, you may need to make some changes to your payroll software.

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3. Sign up with a pension provider

When you’re ready, sign up with a pension provider.  You can sign up well in advance of your staging date to make sure you’re all set up with your workplace pension in good time.

4. Communicate the changes to your employees

You’ll need to tell your employees what’s happening. This includes those who don’t need to be automatically put into the pension scheme, as they’ll still have the option to join if they want to.

5. Assess your workforce and send pension data to your pension provider

You’ll need to assess your workforce each payroll and send the data to your pension company.

6. Complete your declaration of compliance with The Pensions Regulator

The final step is to complete your declaration of compliance with The Pensions Regulator within five months of your staging date.

So now you know exactly what are the 6 steps to auto-enrolment.

If you need any help with this, please get in touch and we’ll be more than happy to discuss it with you.

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